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How much wallpaper do I need?
The amount of wallpaper that you’ll need is entirely dependant on what covering you’ve chosen and the dimensions of your walls. If you have both of those, we can let you know how much wall covering to order.

Is lining really necessary?
Lining is not absolutely necessary however, we will almost always recommend it. 
Lining can make a wall more smooth, gives them a uniform colour and aids to the adhesion of your wall covering.

How long will it take?
There are a lot of factors that make to consider when estimating how long an install will take. Depending on the paper, conditions of the walls and room, it may take longer or shorter than one may expect. We allow more time than we feel is necessary in case we encounter any unexpected difficulties.

How much will it cost?
We do big jobs that take months and little jobs that take hours. Whatever the case, we try and provide the fairest price for a quality job. Our prices include all labour and materials (minus wallpaper).

Do you provide the wall covering?
For simplicity’s sake, we suggest you purchase any covering yourself.

Are there any coverings you can recommend?
There are a lot of companies that we’ve loved over the years, however the companies that really get us excited about and that we work with regularly are:



There are an abundance of interesting products nowadays and are happy to point towards the right choice for you.

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